Friday, January 26, 2018

One More Time

I always fancied him the first time we were introduced more than five years ago. Unfortunately he was in a relationship, which made him, in my eyes back then, an Untouchable.

We'd bump into each other maybe two or three more times, always brief, fleeting, and with others. I did try and interact with him on social media, but his replies were mostly to the point, polite, and merely friendly. He's not interested in me, I thought.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I found out he had moved in with his current boyfriend in an area that's very accesible to me. Not only that, he was playing househusband while in between jobs. So I reached out to him and asked if we could meet up after his morning workout. He agreed, if I didn't mind him all sweaty. I actually found the idea a turn on.

So we met up, and he invited me to their place. He said his boyfriend won't be home until evening, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We sat on their bed and started that subtle dance of figuring out what the other wanted. We talked TV shows, the place where they were staying, common friends, movies, how Twitter has turned into Pornhub... and I showed him some samples from my phone. Naturally he leaned over to look, his arm brushing mine, his face so close I could smell his sweet sweat. He was breathing heavily, I guess partly because he had worked out, and partly because of the video we were watching. I looked at him and said, "I'm sorry," and without skipping a beat, kissed him full on the lips. Instead of pulling back in surprise, he matched my mouth movements, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

In a few moments we were lying naked in the sheets, exploring every inch of the other's body. He moaned when I tongued his nipple, then licked upwards towards his armpit, full of juicy, sweaty hair. He wrapped his legs around my waist and raised his bottom. But because I didn't bring any condoms or lube, I decided to just rub my cock across his open, willing asshole. That drove him wild. We ended up rubbing each other, 69-ing, and jacking off one another.

Afterwards, I said my farewells. We said we'd keep in touch. In cases like these, I knew better than to expect we'd hook up once again. Once is enough.

True enough, I never got any private message from him again (though he'd post once in a while on his social media).

* * * * *

One afternoon last week I got a message from him. "Do you know where the closest HIV testing place is?" I told him I knew only of Love Yourself Anglo in Mandaluyong, and the Social Hygiene Clinic in the Marikina City Health Center. But since he needed to do something by 2pm, that ruled out Anglo. Since I've never been to the Marikina Social Hygiene Clinic, I said he should go there early because I had no idea if there'll be a long queue or not.

"Can you accompany me?" he asked. He explained that if he brought his partner and he turned out positive, he cannot handle it if his partner freaks out. "You're calm and steady, McVie," he said. He sounded like he was getting himself ready for the worst, which to me was a sign that he had an inkling of his status.

We agreed on a date to get himself tested.

* * * * *

Marikina City Health Center turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The pleasant, ever-smiling lady in the Social Hygiene Clinic accommpanied us to the third floor, where there was a Satellite Clinic dedicated to HIV testing and treatment. There was only one other person ahead of us. And since the clinic was situated at the end of the hall, it was very private, with not much foot traffic disturbing those going there.

The staff politely asked me to wait outside while they extracted blood from my friend. Then we both sat at the waiting area. Less than 15 minutes later, my friend was called back inside. I wasn't able to finish one level of Candy Crush when he came back and sat beside me. "I guess I was expecting as much," he said. "I'm reactive."

"Oh, I see," I said. "So what did they say are the next steps?"

He was to come back next week for the confirmatory tests. From there, they'll determine if he needs to start taking ARVs or not.

"So... when will you tell your partner?" I asked. He had assured me earlier that they had the "What would you do if I turned out positive?" talk before, and both assured one another that HIV would not automatically be a deal breaker for them. Besides, he was sure he got the virus before he and his current boyfriend met. It was only now that he had himself tested.

"Tonight, when he gets home. But after dinner."

* * * * *

He was calm the whole time. I asked him twice, "How are you?" The first time he replied, "I don't see the point of worrying. What will worrying achieve? I'd rather accept it, and deal with it." The second time I asked, he said, "I knew I was right in asking you to accompany me to the test. Anybody else I know would have freaked out. Or at least get more stressed than me. I know you've done this before. The fact that you know what to do helps keep me calm."

I drove him back to their place. We chatted as we walked up to their unit. Inside, he asked me to pardon the mess. I told him it was messier the last time. He again thanked me for accompanying him. I hugged him. Then our lips searched and found one another.

I guess he really appreciated my help.

A little later we were naked in bed, fully appreciating one another. Funny enough, this morning when I stepped out of the house, I thought it best to bring condoms and lube. I thought that no matter what the results are, especially if he tested positive, if he wants to have a second go at it, I'm game. Having sex with him will help relieve him of the stress he's feeling at the moment. Having sex with him is proof that being positive does not mean the end of having safe, satisfying sex. Having sex with him also means I'm a sex-positive person who will not discriminate against PLHIV. Dammit, I have my advocacy to uphold!

He kept arching his back and thrusting his ass towards my cock. "I brought condoms," I whispered to him.

"Do you have lube?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Yes!" he said.

* * * * *

Afterwards, panting and smiling, with our sweat and cum mixed together on his chest, he said, "Well, this has been one very eventful morning." All this happened before noon.

I said my goodbyes. He offered to walk me out to the car, but I told him I knew my way out, he can just rest in bed. I kissed him then walked out.

As I was about to drive off, he messaged me: "Thanks again."

I replied, "My pleasure. And I hope yours, too."

"Of course," he replied, with a smiley face.

He'll be alright. He and his boyfriend, they'll be fine. They'll get through this.


citybuoy said...

Only you can tell a story like this and not make it sleazy. I love how sex positive you are and I hope more people can be the same.

"Dammit, I have my advocacy to uphold!" - napakapit ako dito!

Nishi said...

Oooh delicious. I remember that time when I wrote about joining an orgy, you were the one of the people who defended me from the antisexuals. I agree with Nyl. I hope people can be more sex-positive.

Also, I hope naging okay nga siya.

joelmcvie said...

@NISHI: There's a follow-up post about him; see "Sex Therapy".